partners with hospitals, doctors and donors to facilitate treatments for life-threatening medical conditions that can be managed with $1000 or less.

Focus Areas and Coverage

Thousands of people die yearly due to lack of basic healthcare. This does not make sense.

Trusted Partner Doctors

We work with volunteer doctors who work in Nigerian hospitals to verify cases physically.

Quick and Fast

We disburse funds swiftly so as to ensure no time is lost in keeping a soul alive.

Monthly Updates

All donors, doctors and interested members of the public receive monthly updates on cases we worked on.

Protecting the future

We prioritize child and maternity health issues - we believe in preserving the future.

We started GoodGiving because we want to help undeserved people on a large scale.

We've all being pained by needless deaths and we would love to help put a stop to this. Why should anyone die for lack of N200,000 ($625)? Join us to save lives.

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Because... no one has to die because of $1000