Volunteer Doctors’ Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to partner with goodgiving on this mission. By volunteering, you will be helping to save lives and futures. This is no small feat.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

At the core of goodgiving are our partners and volunteers who sacrifice their time, money and empathy to help the unprivileged. To ensure we keep a network of trusted hands and friends, all partners and volunteers are legally bound by our principles and modus operandi.

GoodGiving Health Procedures

Case Confirmation

  1. Volunteer Doctors are responsible for confirming the authenticity of cases and if it can be treated with a maximum amount of N200,000. You are expected to share your professional opinion as to the feasibility.
  2. When a patient/case is introduced by the doctor, documents and proof of this ailment must be made available. goodgiving will be unable to sponsor a patient who cannot share proof of ailment.


  • We make payment for cases directly to hospitals accounts; volunteer doctors agree to assist in ensuring the hospital makes the money available for patient’s treatment. In exceptional cases, we may make payments directly to the volunteer doctor’s account who makes payments on behalf of the patient. We never pay directly to patients.

Closure and Reporting

  • After the patient has been treated, we would like for a short documentation of the case from you, as well as a copy of discharge document issued to the patient by the hospital. This can be shared via our channels.
  • Do take pictures with the treated patient if you can and share with us for our records and for onward sharing to our donors.

General Terms

By becoming a goodgiving volunteer, you agree to the following:

  • you will be referred to as a goodgiving Ambassador where you practice
  • you allow goodgiving to confirm validity of your medical license to practice in Nigeria.
  • goodgiving reserves the right to refer patients to you.
  • you will within your knowledge ensure that only life threatening conditions that can be managed with less than <$1000 are referred.
  • you will disclose all information as refarding the previous or current situation of patient that could affect the treatment cost or chances of survival.
  • you will not receive money or gifts or favours or services in exchange for a goodgiving referral, neither will you hold back goodgiving funds for personal use in any way
  • you understand referring cases for personal profiting or referring fictitious cases are criminal offences and could lead to you losing your license and being prosecuted by a court of law.
  • you understand that you could lose your medical license if you perpetuate any fraud within the course of serving as a goodgiving volunteer.

Please note that adherence to the guidelines is compulsory to remain a volunteer.

Thank you for your good heart and as we looking forward to impacting our world with you.